LFQCD Seminar

A study of gluon and sea quark distributions inside the proton

by Dr Poonam Choudhary (Indian Inst. Tech., Kanpur)



I will start from the development of a light-front spectator  model for the proton that incorporates the gluonic degree of freedom.  Within this framework, during high-energy proton scattering, the active parton is identified as a gluon, while the remainder is considered as spectators. The construction of the light-front wave functions for the proton utilizes predictions from soft wall AdS/QCD and is fine-tuned by fitting the unpolarized gluon distribution function to the NNPDF3.0nlo dataset. Employing this model, I will demonstrate the consistency of the  gluon's helicity distribution with existing experimental data. Additionally, I will provide a brief overview the results for the T-even transverse momentum dependent distributions (TMDs) for gluon in the model. I will discuss about the gluon Generalised Parton  Distributions(GPDs) at non-zero skewness and the Impact parameter  distributions at zero skewness. In addition to the gluons, I will  explore the role of sea quarks within a light front spectator model,   which accounts for the presence of light sea quarks within the proton.  Through this model, I aim to highlight the Flavor asymmetry observed in  the light sea sector, particularly focusing on distributions such as PDFs, TMDs, and GPDs.


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